About Athens Collectibles

We welcome you to our site. We aim to present our collection of valuable or more common objects and encourage you to browse through and enjoy or purchase them.

We love vintage items and have been collecting them for decades. We are also art enthusiasts with a collection of over 1000 paintings, lithographs and silk prints and “bookworms” with more than 5000 books, magazines and newspapers in our library.

At some stage, we had to start selling part of our collections, unless we wanted to become a museum. This is how Athens Collectibles was established in 2008 as an online store for selling personal collectible items and has now expanded to include items from a community of collectors.

Everything we sell is unique and, unless you buy something while browsing, we can not find it again for you if someone else acts quickly and buys it.

Our collections for sale include a large number of original paintings, old and new fiction and non-fiction books, maps, cards, prints, engravings, old magazines, old newspapers, banknotes, coins, commemorative medals, postage stamps and first day covers, tube radios, vintage film cameras, view-masters with or without reels, vintage watches and mantelpiece clocks, toys and hobbies, miniatures, classic movies, quality music on CD, vinyl discs and a lot more.

We have set high standards for the preservation and care of our collections and they are all digitised and catalogued electronically. The same high standards are followed when we list an item for sale by providing a very detailed description, a number of clear pictures and useful historical or other information.

All through the years we trade, we have developed a close relationship with our customers. Our systems produce and send the usual automated emails to confirm an order or a customer registration, but we like to communicate personally with people and get to know each other. Our customers become also friends in most cases because we never see them as credit card numbers. And we want them to come back, be our best advertisers and have a drink with us if we meet in person.

Enjoy our site and speak to us if you have a problem, question or recommendation. There is a contact page and an Online Help button on top of each page. Use either of them at any time.

Thank you for your visit.

George Peroulakis
Athens Collectibles
Aristotelous 7
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