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The present Payments Policy is effective as from 1st July 2011

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This sections presents you with information on how to pay for your order. You will appreciate that certain payment methods are not accepted, either because they are unsafe to you or ourselves or because they are illegal.

Credit Card All major credit cards are accepted. Processing of credit card transactions is made by PayPal in their encrypted environment and your personal financial data (credit card number and other details) are never communicated to us.

Although credit cards are processed by PayPal, you are not required to have a PayPal account if you want to pay with your credit card.
PayPal If you have a PayPal account or want to open one and use it for your payment, you may do so during checkout.

Paypal is a fast, easy and secure payment gateway. You can open a PayPal account instantly and, what's more important, it is free and accepted by millions of online retailers worldwide. You don't pay any charges when you make payments with PayPal, all their charges are incurred by us.
Transfer If you want to make a direct payment to our bank account, please contact us in advance and we shall advise you of our bank and account details.

As a general remark, we advise you against using this payment method if you don't know or trust your seller.
Money Order You can pay by what is known as Cashier's Cheque, Bank Check, Official Check, Demand Draft, Teller's Check, Bank Draft, Treasurer's Check or Money Order depending on the issuing country's terminology.

If you prefer this method, select it at checkout. You may also contact us before or after the order if you have any questions. Please note that your order will not be shipped until funds are cleared.
CoD This method of payment is only available to orders shipped within Greece.

Please note that there is no extra charge imposed by us for this service beyond normal shipping expenses.
Cheque We regret that we cannot accept personal cheques at the present time.

This facility is under consideration and any change in policy will appear in this section.
Western Union Western Union, MoneyGram or other similar wire transfer methods are not accepted.

For your own protection, you should never use such methods to pay for your online orders.
Cash Under no circumstances is cash acceptable as a means of payment.

Cash transfer by post or courier is unsafe for you and is considered a criminal offence in most countries.

European Central Bank Pay with your credit card or PayPal account in one of the currencies available for selection on top of this page. Our prices are converted
at the euro foreign exchange reference rates as published by the European Central Bank every day without any surcharge.
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