Wild Caribbean + Galápagos: Mini series [BBC DVD]

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From parrots and shipwrecks to sharks and glittering coral reefs, the Caribbean is a glorious spectacle of sun, sand and warm blue seas.



Wild Caribbean is a four-part BBC nature documentary series exploring the natural and cultural history of the Caribbean Islands and Sea. It was first transmitted in the UK on BBC2 in January 2007. The series was produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and narrated by actor Steve Toussaint.

In addition to the complete Wild Caribbean series, the box set includes a third DVD featuring two out of the three episodes of Galápagos, another successful BBC series.

Galápagos was a three-part BBC nature documentary series exploring the natural history of the Galápagos Islands and their important role in the formation of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. It was first transmitted in the UK on BBC Two in September 2006. The series was filmed in high definition, produced by Mike Gunton and Patrick Morris of the BBC Natural History Unit and narrated by actress Tilda Swinton. The series was proposed to the BBC by the principal cinematographers Paul D. Stewart and Richard Wollocombe.

The Galápagos series was nominated for a BAFTA TV Award and a TCA Award in 2007.

See the list of episodes and other details under Additional information.

We have given this DVD box set a 3-star rather than 4-star rating because a small part of one of the plastic DVD holders is cracked. The fault can be seen in the More pictures section.

This movie comes from our personal collection and only one piece is available

DVD rating
Rating - Very Good
Very Good: a well-cared-for DVD that has been seen, but remains in great condition. The film is complete, without interruption, and does not skip. The box may show limited signs of wear, as may the liner notes.


Steve Toussaint and Tilda Swinton (narrators), Richard Wollocombe as Charles Darwin, Tom Hiddleston and Stacy Keach (voices)


Box set, Colour, PAL

Main soundtrack

English or Greek (selectable), Dolby Digital 2.0


OFF or Greek (selectable)


Region 1  Region 2  Region 3  Region 4  Region 5  Region 6

Aspect ratio


Number of discs





2 Entertain Video

Release date

Galápagos: 30 Oct 2006 in the UK
Wild Caribbean: 5 Feb 2007 in the UK

Run time

300 minutes (5 hours)



List of episodes

Disc 1 - Galápagos

Episode 1: The men who invented radar

Galápagos Islands was the place where Darwin substantiated his  theory of evolution in 1835 thanks to the curious, unusual and wonderful creatures he encountered on his journey there. The cluster of Galápagos islands is a living laboratory, a geological area that witnessed the birth and death of many species of animals and plants. As the western islands emerge from the sea offering a chance for life, the east sink into it like Atlantis, with death as the only guarantee. Somewhere in the middle are the intermediate islands, rich with lush vegetation, pristine pieces of land inhabited by a huge variety of animals. Nowhere else on Earth, the processes of birth and elimination are so clear.

Discs 2 & 3 - Wild Caribbean

Episode 1: Treasure islands

Barbuda, Antilles, Cuba, Bahamas, Trinidad ... On touring the Caribbean islands we discover a beautiful, colorful and lively place. From the smallest hummingbird to the largest butterfly in the world and from the legions of crabs marching synchronised to germinate to dolphins and whales competing for a place in paradise, the Caribbean islands are a treasure of the world.

Episode 2: Reefs and wrecks

For sailors, the coral reefs of the Caribbean are a risk, but they are a truly remarkable sight for everyone else. Over the years, these reefs created shipwrecks. The shipwrecks in turn, created reefs, opening new life cycles. Wonderful, colorful creatures, dolphins playing and whales that sing and flirt, make these coral reefs, a true paradise.

Episode 3: Hurricane hell

The Caribbean paradise turns into a real hell every year. The period from early June until late November is the hurricane season for the islands. Winds exceed 240 kilometers per hour, 5 meter waves and torrential rains cause enormous damage. Forests are flattened, reefs are broken, beaches are disappearing. How do the plants and animals manage to survive after such violent attacks?

Episode 4: Secret shores

In addition to the beautiful islands shown in tourist guides, the Caribbean sea waters also the less famous coasts of Central America. The Panama Canal with its tropical forests, the impenetrable Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua, the ancient lands of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and the Great Barrier Reef which hugs the coastline of Mexico, Belize and Honduras, are just some of the treasures of the unknown Caribbean.




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