The Trials of Life: The complete series [BBC DVD]

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One of the most comprehensive wildlife series. David Attenborough travelled a quarter of a million miles to complete this fascinating documentary.


Life is a constant struggle for survival. A challenge even for the most versatile and capable animals. Moving away from parents, foraging, building the house, mate choice... They face daily, often intractable problems. The ways to cope with difficulties found by animals are often entertaining, some times intelligent or strange, but always fascinating. The brilliant expressive means, the scientific thoroughness and the authentic presentation of all these different and incredible methods invented by all beings of the planet in order to survive, make the Battle for Survival unique. Making the specialised to sound comprehensible and the complex to seem simple, this series examines the behaviour of a huge variety of animals and allows us to meet the most charming and the most terrifying figures. The Battle for Survival is one of the most enjoyable and most comprehensive documentaries ever made about wildlife.


     Wildscreen - Golden Panda (episode 4)
     BAFTA - Best factual series
     BAFTA - Best cameraman
     Jackson Hole - Special Jury Award (episode 10)
     BANFF - Best Popular Science Documentary (episode 4)
     ACE AWARDS - Best Documentary Series
     ACE AWARDS - Best Documentary Host
     Broadcasting Press Guild - Best Documentary Series

The twelve episodes of the BBC TV series are presented in a box set of 3 DVD discs.

See the list of episodes and other details under Additional information.

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David Attenborough (narrator)


Colour, PAL

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English or Greek (selectable), Dolby Digital 2.0


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2 Entertain Video

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Run time

358 minutes (5 hours 58 mins)



List of episodes

Episode 1: Arriving

An examination of the diverse techniques employed by animals to disperse and protect offspring.

Episode 2: Growing up

For animals, there is no greater challenge than surviving the vulnerable first years of life. This episode demonstrates that nature's solutions are as varied as those in human society.

Episode 3: Finding food

The search for food in the animal world. With leaves defended by poisons and seeds clad in thorns, animals fight back in very innovative ways.

Episode 4: Hunting and escaping

Life-and-death duels are fought daily in the wild: an orchid turns out to be a predator, killer whales ambush sea lions and chimps pursue colobus monkeys.

Episode 5: Finding the way

How animals ranging from albatrosses to ants can navigate themselves over long distances.

Episode 6: Home making

How all animal architects aim to keep both the elements and intruders at bay through features that include defensive moats.

Episode 7: Living together

Examining some of the weird relationships that develop between species, from birds that relieve clients of hangers on to hermit crabs that enlist stinging anemones to repel octopuses.

Episode 8: Fighting

How many animals -including zebras, moose and stalk-eyes flies- assess their opponents' fighting prowess before making an attack that risks injury or death.

Episode 9: Friends and rivals

From vampire bats to baboons, David Attenborough investigates the importance of recognising friends and respecting the power of rivals throughout the animal kingdom.

Episode 10: Talking to strangers

From the love songs of fish to the flashes of millions of tiny beetles, David Attenborough examines methods of communication used by animals.

Episode 11: Courting

This edition looks at the various methods employed by species to attract a mate, including whales that sing "songs", hamsters that emit an odour, and manakins that do acrobatic dances.

Episode 12: Continuing the line

A look at the many and varied ways in which animals procreate in order to ensure that their genes are passed on to the next generation.



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