Hi-de-Hi! (complete box set: all series 1-9) [BBC DVD]

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How would you like to go back in time and spend a few weeks in a seaside holidays camp of the late 50's? Watch this series and get in the atmosphere.


Have you enjoyed Dad's Army, 'Allo 'Allo!, You Rang M'Lord?, Are You Being Served?  Here's another Jimmy Perry and David Croft classic!

Hi-de-Hi! is a British sitcom, aired by BBC from 1980 to 1988. It was written by the famous duo Jimmy Perry and David Croft and was voted as the 40th best British sitcom of all times.

The series is set in the late 1950s at Maplins holiday camp, in the fictional seaside town of Crimpton-on-Sea and reflects the atmosphere of holiday camps of that era.

Jeffrey Fairbrother, a Cambridge University archaeology professor, applies for the job of entertainment manager after his predecessor is sacked for stealing charity money. Most episodes involve Ted Bovis (the devilish camp host), Spike Dixon (the naive camp comic), Gladys Pugh (chief Yellowcoat and sports organiser) and the Yellowcoats themselves, a team of camp entertainers. Peggy Ollerenshaw, the chalet maid is also one of the main characters as are Barry and Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves, the two middle-aged dancers who dream of their past glories.

The series won (and was nominated for) the following awards:

Awards won:

•  BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Series (John Kilby)

Nominated for:

•  BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Series (David Croft)
•  BAFTA TV Award - Best Light Entertainment Performance (Ruth Madoc)
•  2 BAFTA TV Awards - Best Comedy Series (David Croft, John Kilby)

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Directed by

John Kilby, David Croft, Robin Carr, Mike Stephens

Written by

David Croft, Jimmy Perry


Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Jeffrey Holland, Felix Bowness, Su Pollard, Diane Holland, Nikki Kelly, David Webb, Tony Webb, Chris Andrews, Barry Howard, Leslie Dwyer, Simon Cadell, Rikki Howard, David Griffin, Linda Regan, Laura Jackson, Susan Beagley, Ben Aris, Kenneth Connor, Julie Christian-Young, Jean Lear, Penny Irving, Terence Creasey, Gail Harrison, Ewan Hooper, Billy Burden, Gavin Richards, Ronnie Brody, Brenda Cowling, Dennis Ramsden, Joyce Grant, Harry Markham, Josephine Antosz, Richard Cottan, Jan Harding, Roy Heather, Freddie Earlle, Paul Toothill, Marianne Tollast, Jean Challis, Mavis Pugh, Lucy Gould, Peter Fontaine, Gordon Peters, Iain Anders, Fred Bryant


Colour, PAL

Main soundtrack

Dolby Digital Mono and Stereo


•  Series 1 - 2: None
•  Series 3 - 9: OFF or English for the Hard of Hearing


Region 2: Europe (except Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), Western Asia, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, French overseas territories, Greenland

Aspect ratio

1.33:1 Full Screen

Number of discs



General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children      Oiriúnach lena bhreathnú ag daoine i gcoitinne ach, i gcás linbh faoi bhun 12 bhliain d'aois, faoi Threoir Tuismitheora



Release date

•  Series 1 & 2: 3 Mar 2003
•  Series 3 & 4: 5 Apr 2004
•  Series 5 & 6: 23 Oct 2006
•  Series 7: 5 May 2008
•  Series 8 & 9: 22 Sep 2008

Run time

1740 minutes (29 hours)


•  Series 1 & 2: 3259190274198
•  Series 3 & 4: 5050582224290
•  Series 5 & 6: 5050582455694
•  Series 7: 5050582549409
•  Series 8 & 9: 5050582567106

List of episodes

Series 1 & 2 (3 discs)

01 Pilot
02 Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto
03 The Beauty Queen Affair
04 The Partridge Season
05 The Day of Reckoning
06 Charity Begins at Home
07 No Dogs Allowed
08 If Wet - In the Ballroom
09 Peggy's Big Chance
10 Lift Up Your Minds
11 On with the Motley
12 A Night Not to Remember
13 Sausages or Limelight

Series 3 & 4 (3 discs)

14 Nice People with Nice Manners
15 Carnival Time
16 A Matter of Conscience
17 The Pay-Off
18 Trouble and Strife
19 Stripes
20 Co-Respondent's Course
21 It's a Blue World
22 Eruptions
23 The Society Entertainer
24 Sing You Sinners
25 Maplin Intercontinental
26 All Change

Series 5 & 6 (2 discs)

27 Concessions
28 Save Our Heritage
29 Empty Saddles
30 The Marriage Settlement
31 The Graven Image
32 Peggy's Penfriend
33 The Epidemic
34 Together Again
35 Ted at the Helm
36 Opening Day
37 Off with the Motley
38 Hey Diddle Diddle, Who's on the Fiddle?
39 Raffles

Series 7 (2 discs)

40 The Great Cat Robbery
41 It's Murder
42 Who Killed Mr. Partridge?
43 Spaghetti Galore
44 A Lack of Punch
45 Ivory Castles in the Air
46 Man Trap

Series 8 & 9 (3 discs)

47 Pigs Might Fly
48 The New Broom
49 Orphan of the Storm
50 God Bless Our Family
51 Only the Brave
52 September Song
53 Tell It to the Marines
54 Marry-Go-Round
55 The Perils of Peggy
56 Let Them Eat Cake
57 Wedding Bells
58 The Wind of Change

Hi-de-Hi! - DVD - Series 1 & 2

Hi-de-Hi! - DVD - Series 3 & 4

Hi-de-Hi! - DVD - Series 5 & 6

Hi-de-Hi! - DVD - Series 7

Hi-de-Hi! - DVD - Series 8 & 9

Hi-de-Hi! - DVD - The cast

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