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A huge critical and popular success and the favourite television programme of the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Voted as the 6th Best Sitcom.

The complete YES MINISTER and YES, PRIME MINISTER (Collector's box set)

Yes Minister is a satirical British sitcom written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn that was first transmitted by BBC Television between 1980 and 1984, split over three seven-episode series. The sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, ran from 1986 to 1988.

The series were a huge critical and popular success, received a number of awards and in 2004 came sixth in the Britain's Best Sitcom poll. They were the favourite television programme of the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher.

Yes Minister

After years in opposition a new party is in power. The new Minister thinks he is the government. Sir Humphrey Appleby, Permanent Secretary, knows that it is he and his civil service colleagues who run the country. An inexperienced and gullible Minister puts forward plans in English, and is frustrated by his chief civil servant, who speaks Red Tape. With help from Bernard Woolley, stuck between his political boss and the master of his career, the Minister gradually learns to master the situation ... or does he?

The series won (and was nominated for) the following awards:

Awards won:

•  2 BAFTA TV Awards - Best Comedy Series (Peter Whitmore)
•  2 BAFTA TV Awards - Best Light Entertainment Performance (Nigel Hawthorne)
•  BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Series (Sydney Lotterby)
•  Broadcasting Press Guild Award - Best Actor in a Light Entertainment Programme (Nigel Hawthorne)

Nominated for:

•  2 BAFTA TV Awards - Best Light Entertainment Performance (Paul Eddington)
•  BAFTA TV Award - Best Light Entertainment Programme (Peter Whitmore)

Read the plot and other details at the IMDb web site.

Yes, Prime Minister

Following a series of circumstances involving the Eurosausage, the Home Secretary drink driving and the Chancellor's dalliances with a shady lady from Argentina, Minister for Administrative Affairs Jim Hacker finds himself elevated to Number 10 Downing Street without being quite sure how he got there. But life as Prime Minister is no easier than being a Minister; Hacker still finds his every move challenged by the Civil Service as represented by his new Cabinet Secretary, the ever-wily and manipulative Sir Humphrey Appleby, who is as equally determined that nothing should change as Hacker is that changes should be made. Wandering nervously between them is Bernard Wooley, Hacker's private secretary, who continues juggling his responsibilities to his political master with his loyalties to his Civil Service colleagues...

The series won (and was nominated for) the following awards:

Awards won:

•  2 BAFTA TV Awards - Best Light Entertainment Performance (Nigel Hawthorne)
•  Broadcasting Press Guild Award - Best Entertainment
•  ACE Award - Writing a Comedy Series

Nominated for:

•  BAFTA TV Award - Best Comedy Series (Sydney Lotterby)
•  2 BAFTA TV Awards - Best Light Entertainment Performance (Paul Eddington)
•  ACE Award - Actor in a Comedy Series
•  ACE Award - Writing for a Comedy Series

Read the plot and other details at the IMDb web site.

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Directed by

Sydney Lotterby, Peter Whitmore

Written by

Antony Jay, Jonathan Lynn


Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Derek Fowlds, Diana Hoddinott, Deborah Norton, John Nettleton, Peter Cellier, Miranda Forbes


Colour, PAL

Main soundtrack



•  Series 1: None
•  All other series: OFF or English for the Hard of Hearing (selectable)


Region 2: Europe (except Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), Western Asia, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, French overseas territories, Greenland      Region 4

Aspect ratio


Number of discs



Series 1:    BBFC_U    IFCO_G        All other series:    BBFC_PG    IFCO_PG


2 Entertain Video

Release date

16 October 2006 in the U.K.

Run time

1075 minutes (17 hours 55 mins)



List of episodes

Yes Minister - Series 1

01 Open Government
02 The Official Visit
03 The Economy Drive
04 Big Brother
05 The Writing on the Wall
06 The Right to Know
07 Jobs for the Boys

Special feature: Artist profiles

Yes Minister - Series 2

08 The Compassionate Society
09 Doing the Honours
10 The Death List
11 The Greasy Pole
12 The Devil You Know
13 The Quality of Life
14 A Question of Loyalty

Special feature: Writers' profiles

Yes Minister - Series 3 (2 discs)

15 Equal Opportunities
16 The Challenge
17 The Skeleton in the Cupboard
18 The Moral Dimension
19 The Bed of Nails
20 The Whisky Priest
21 The Middle-Class Rip-Off
22 Party Games (1984 Christmas Special)

Yes, Prime Minister - Series 1 (double-sided disc)

23 The Grand Design
24 The Ministerial Broadcast
25 The Smoke Screen
26 The Key
27 A Real Partnership
28 A Victory for Democracy
29 The Bishops Gambit
30 One of Us

Yes, Prime Minister - Series 2 (2 discs)

31 Man Overboard
32 Official Secrets
33 A Diplomatic Incident
34 A Conflict of Interest
35 Power to the People
36 The Patron of the Arts
37 The National Education Service
38 The Tangled Web


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