Earth: The power of the planet [BBC DVD]

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The cosmogenic changes and remarkable survival. The incredible story of natural forces that shaped Earth's surface.


Live a unique cinematic experience with this landmark series, which presents the story of our planeta in vivid manner, using advanced methods of image processing and evocative narrative!

Looking at the magnificent forces that shape the Earth -volcanoes, oceans, atmosphere and ice- the series explores their central role in the history of our planet. How do these elements affect the landscape, climate and history of the Earth? And how we are all entrusted with the duty of care of our planet.

Extensive use of satellite optical material reveals new images of the planet, while the the special filming techniques of time delay that lasted several months, the Earth comes to life.

The five episodes of the BBC TV series are presented in a box set of 2 DVD discs.

See the list of episodes and other details under Additional information.

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Rating - Like New
Like New: a DVD in perfect condition. The box or jewel case is clean and vivid, with no signs of wear.


Dr Iain Stewart (narrator)


Colour, PAL

Main soundtrack

English or Greek (selectable), Dolby Digital 5.1


OFF or Greek (selectable)


Region 2 

Aspect ratio


Number of discs





2 Entertain Video

Release date

14 Jan 2008 in the UK

Run time

250 minutes (4 hours 10 mins)



List of episodes

Episode 1: Volcano

Volcanoes scare us! In reality, however, they are the most important factor shaping the planet as we know it today.

Episode 2: Atmosphere

This episode takes us to the stratosphere with a fighter aircraft of the Cold War era. We travel to Siberia and discover why Argentina is one of the parts of the world most affected by storms.

Episode 3: Ice

Ice may be just cold water, however it has an incredible force. Traversing down a 150 meter frozen waterfall, the episode examines a glacier in motion beneath the surface of water.

Episode 4: Oceans

The history of oceans through a magical journey. From Hawaii to the Amazon, Ethiopia and the Mediterranean: wild seas, huge tidal waves, underwater currents and dangers posed by the rising temperature of Earth.

Episode 5: Rare Earth

Four and a half billion years of history and many heavy catastrophes were required to transform a desolate and barren place to the unique planet Earth we know today.



  • SKU: MOV-DOC-NAT-1005

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