Journey of Life: The complete series [BBC DVD]

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The latest graphic techniques recreate evolution before your very eyes, providing viewers with a spectacular representation of how life came to be.


An amazing story, which follows the relentless journey of life through 3.8 billion years of chance, opportunity, violence and destruction. A journey that starts with one molecule, a small random event, but one that was to change the look of a desert planet forever and lead to humans.

Using the most advanced graphics, The Journey of Life replicates evolution on our screens and reveals how we ended up with this incredible diversity of life forms existing today.

Featuring some of the most amazing species and the most impressive performances, the series looks at the human evolution in an extremely interesting way by setting important questions. How humans differentiated so much from other animals? How they became the most advanced creature on the planet? Are now, that they have the ability to control biological destiny, capable of creating a new kind of man?

The 5 episodes of the series are presented in a box set of 2 DVD discs. See the list of episodes and other details under Additional information.

Read full description of the series and its episodes at the BBC web site.

We have given this DVD box set a 3-star rather than 4-star rating because a small part of one of the plastic DVD holders is cracked. The fault can be seen in the More pictures section.

This movie comes from our personal collection and only one piece is available

DVD rating
Rating - Very Good
Very Good: a well-cared-for DVD that has been seen, but remains in great condition. The film is complete, without interruption, and does not skip. The box may show limited signs of wear, as may the liner notes.


Steve Leonard (presenter)


Colour, PAL

Main soundtrack

English or Greek (selectable)
Dolby Digital 2.0


OFF or Greek (selectable)


Region 1  Region 2  Region 3  Region 4  Region 5  Region 6

Aspect ratio


Number of discs





2 Entertain Video

Release date

25 April 2005 in the U.K.

Run time

290 minutes (4 hours 50 mins)



List of episodes

Episode 1: Seas of Life

We travel back 3.8 billion years, when life began. Journeying round the oceans, we explore life's first laboratory and discover how the incredible variety of sea creatures arose, from the first microbes to hagfish and dolphins.

Episode 2: Land Grab

We track the pioneer life forms as they emerged from the seas and evolved adaptations to make them ever better able to cope with life on land, from the searing heat of the deserts to the icy polar wastes.

Episode 3: Airborne

Animals crawled on to the land 500 million years ago, but it was another 100 million years before life finally became airborne. Just four kinds of animals achieved the miracle of flight. Insects led the way, but their story is still shrouded in mystery.

Episode 4: Living Together

The greatest evolutionary challenge faced by living things has been each other! From cunning carnivores to sex crazed elk, we learn how the relationships between living things can drive evolution itself -with some truly bizarre results.

Episode 5: Humans

Five million years ago we separated from our chimpanzee cousins. We look back to explain how landscape changes drew us down from the trees and out on to the newly formed African savannah.




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