Breakdown: Songs from the Early Years

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Following the reunion of the group in 2006, Breakdown brought out a CD album comprising of songs written during the early parts of their career.


Breakdown is a veteran English speaking hard rock group, formed in 1977. Following the reunion of the group in 2006, they brought out an album comprising of songs written during the early parts of their 30 year career. The CD includes 17 songs written between 1977 and 1987 and recorded intermittently at various studios. Their hard rock sound is influenced by the 70's and 80's era but with their very own personal style. The album "Songs from the early years" is a collector album with 8-pages booklet which includes an analytical biography of the band with lyrics and photos.

The album is dedicated to their drummer Nicky Loud who passed away in 1989.

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This disc comes from our personal collection and only one piece is available

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Track listings

01 Enduro
02 One
03 Love of my life
04 Never believe
05 Break the city
06 Old Time Blues
07 Waiting for the night
08 Tell me
09 Born to rock'n roll
10 Friend
11 Don't go away
12 Don't you need my love
13 I'll be waiting
14 Because it's a feeling
15 Long time ago
16 Take me home
17 It's my life



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