Heroes and weapons of WW II + Killing Hitler [BBC DVD]

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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former (Albert Einstein about World War II).



World War II: Heroes and Weapons

With access to over 500,000 hours of rare archive film together with new state-of-the-art computer graphics, Heroes of World War II examines how the contributions of a handful of individuals had a far-reaching impact on the outcome of the most devastating conflict in human history. This is the inside story of how Germany and Japan were eventually defeated by the skill, bravery and ingenuity of these unlikely heroes from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Unlike any other conflict of the 20th century, World War II saw the sharpest and most dramatic rise in the design, manufacture and effectiveness of some of the world's most lethal weaponry. Weapons of World War II tells the story of the development, deployment, and devastating effects of each weapon system from the outbreak of the war to its dramatic climax in 1945.

This series was never released on region 2 DVD. The only version available in the European or American market is for region 1 DVD players. Our version is suitable for all countries (regions 1-6).

World War II: Killing Hitler

Movie-thriller action combines with fact to portray the Allies' plan to take Hitler's life. Operation Foxley, the top secret plan hatched by the British in June 1944 to assassinate Adolf Hitler, outlined various options for Hitler's execution at his Berghof estate in the Bavarian Alps. Now for the first time on TV we'll find out if such a plan could have worked and, crucially, discover what it really would have been like for the agents. Extensive research and a top cast recreate Operation Foxley in a factually accurate programme that recalls Where Eagles Dare-style cinema.

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Robert Powell (narrator), Peter McDonald, Kate Ashfield, Kenneth Cranham, Keith Allen, Andrew Scott, Bohdan Poraj, Lara Belmont, Vincent Regan, Carsten Voigt, Robert Goodale, Matilda Ziegler, Rupert Wickham, Scott Parker, Bruce Mackinnon, Robert Hands


Box set, Colour, PAL

Main soundtrack

English or Greek (selectable), Dolby Digital 2.0


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Heroes and Weapons of WW II Exempt
Killing Hitler



2 Entertain Video

Release date

Heroes & Weapons of World War II: 6 Nov 2007 in the UK
Killing Hitler: 17 Mar 2005 in the UK

Run time

422 minutes (7 hours 2 mins)



List of episodes

Disc 1 - Heroes of World War II

Episode 1: The men who invented radar

The story of the boffins and experimenters who developed the first workable radar system, just in time to help defeat the Nazi attacks in The Battle of Britain.

Episode 2: The man who stood up to Hitler

The story of Colonel Count Claus von Stauffenberg and the other German officers who, in the bomb plot of July 1944 tried to kill Adolph Hitler.

Episode 3: The men who cracked "Enigma"

The story of the men that cracked the Nazi's Enigma code. From the Polish mathematicians who made the first breakthroughs to the establishment at Bletchley Park and the work of Alan Turing and many others.

Episode 4: The men who stopped the "Bismarck"

The story of the Nazi heavy cruisers and battleships during World War II and particularly the Bismarck. How she managed to get into the Atlantic and the steps taken to defeat her.

Episode 5: The man who saved Britain's cities

The story of the blitz on Britain and how the Nazi bombers were guided to their targets by electronic beams. Then how this was defeated in The Battle of the Beams by Dr R V Jones and the team from British Air Intelligence.

Episode 6: The man who hoodwinked Hitler

The story of Ewen Montagu and Operation Mincemeat, where the Nazis were fooled into thinking that the initial landings on the European mainland would be through Greece rather than Sicily and Italy.

Episode 7: The men who liberated Belsen

The story of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp by the British army. What they found there, how they were determined to let the world know and how they treated the survivors.

Disc 2 - Weapons of World War II

Episode 1: Tanks

Episode 2: Midget submarines

Episode 3: Aircraft carriers

Episode 4: Heavy bombers

Episode 5: Battleships

Episode 6: Rockets

Episode 7: Machine guns

Disc 3 - Killing Hitler



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