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The most comprehensive series ever made on the natural history of Australia and its surrounding islands, Wild Australasia took three years to film.


Wild Down Under is a BBC nature documentary series exploring the natural history of the Australasian continent, first transmitted in the UK on BBC Two in September 2003. It was broadcast in Australia under the title Wild Australasia in February 2004.

Each of the six episodes features a particular environment and, using a combination of aerial photography and traditional wildlife footage, reveals how physical forces and human activity have transformed Australasia from a lush green wilderness into an increasingly dry and harsh continent, troubled by unpredictable weather but still home to a huge array of creatures found nowhere else on Earth.

The six episodes of this BBC TV series are presented in a box set of 3 DVD discs.

See the list of episodes and other details under Additional information.

Read full description of the series and its episodes in wikipedia

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Matt Day (narrator)


Colour, PAL

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2 Entertain Video

Release date

27 October 2003 in the U.K.

Run time

300 minutes (5 hours)



List of episodes

Episode 1: Wild Down Under

When Australia first broke away from the rest of the world 45 million year ago, it was a very different kind of place -lush, green and forested. You can still experience something of that time by stepping into an Australian rainforest today. These are the oldest rainforests on earth, over 100 million years old, and those in Queensland and Tasmania look much as they would have done in the age of the dinosaurs.

Episode 2: Desert Heart

This is a land of paradox. This unpredictable, deceptively barren land is full of life, and though most is desert, its inhabitants are tuned to the cycles of drought and flood. Modern Australia is just beginning to understand and appreciate its Desert Heart, with its overpowering sense of space, abundance of life and the people who have lived here for thousands of years.

Episode 3: Southern Seas

Australia is the only continent to have a great coral reef on both sides. On the west coast Ningaloo Reef is the largest fringing reef in the world and Australia's best-kept secret. It attracts the biggest fish in the sea, whale sharks, as well as shoals of sardines that are so vast they form dark slicks in the shallows. A birds-eye view provides a unique perspective as hundreds of sharks and giant whales part the silvery mass as they lunge into the slick in an incredible feeding frenzy. This is one of nature's most amazing spectacles.

Episode 4: Gum Tree Country

Gum trees are an Australian speciality. There are over 800 species, in all shapes and sizes, virtually all of them native only to Australia. And the gum tree bushland is home to the most familiar Aussie wildlife characters, koalas up among the leaves, kangaroos in the shade and brilliantly coloured parrots flitting around. But there are stranger things in these woodlands and forests, many of which only emerge at night. Here are gliders that sound like gargling pigs as they swoop from tree to tree in the darkness, huge bats that sip nectar from eucalypt flowers and tiny mouse-like marsupials called antechinuses, which mate in one annual frenzy, after which all the males suddenly drop dead.

Episode 5: Island Arks

From New Guinea's eastern end thousands of volcanic islands stretch out into the Pacific like fiery jewels. This is one of the most volcanically active areas on earth. The long and varied coastlines make this an underwater wonderland, with more species of fish and corals than even the Great Barrier Reef. Giant saltwater crocodiles have colonised the shores and vast numbers of fruit bats have settled in the forests.

Episode 6: New Worlds

Where else in the world would a mob of kangaroos get in the way of your four-iron drive down the fairway on an exclusive golf course? Or giant lizards striding around a busy working oilfield? We travel across the whole of this vast continent, from cities and suburbs to the heart of the desert, to see what happens when humans and wildlife cross paths in some of Australia's most spectacular landscapes.



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