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The present Shipping and Returns Policy is effective as from 1st July 2011

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We are not registered as merchants and cannot therefore accept return of goods under the Distance Selling Regulations. In the unlikely event that an item is not correctly described and this creates a problem to you, we will accept it back within seven days of receipt and will refund its purchase price, the shipping expenses you paid and the cost of returning it to us. We always provide fair and accurate descriptions but "to err is human" (Alexander Pope, English writer, 1688-1744). If this ever happens, please contact us to work out a solution.

We use Hellenic Post (the equivalent of USPS in USA and Royal Mail in the UK) for all our shipments. They provide an excellent and fast service with zero loss rate. We always ship your order by registered letter or parcel post as soon as cleared payment is received. Shipments are made daily from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays. You will be contacted by email immediately after shipment and will be provided with the parcel's unique identifier code for tracking the shipment (where online tracking is available).

We never ship by surface mail; the small difference in cost does not justify the delay of weeks or months in delivery.

We ship to Europe, North America, Australia and most other countries. If shipping to your country is not provided, please contact us and we shall consider adding your country to our list if possible.

If you live in the broader Athens area and prefer to collect your order in person, please select "Store pick-up" at checkout and give us your telephone number. We shall contact you to arrange details of collection and payment. Obviously, shipping expenses are not due in this case.

Recycle We try to reuse packing material as long as it's clean and not damaged; this is the least we can do to protect the environment. We encourage you to do the same, keep our box and use it again if it is in good condition.

Please notify us by email when your order is safely received. It usually takes 3-4 working days for a destination in Europe and 4-7 working days for other countries, although we have seen faster deliveries. In any case, allow a couple of weeks and, if your order has not been received by then, let us know, so that we take appropriate action.

Under no circumstances sign for delivery of a parcel or envelope which seems damaged. Either return it to us as unacceptable or make a detailed description of the damage on the delivery note and place your signature below your comments (not above; your signature legally covers the preceding text). In either case, let us know what happened for action to be taken.

Shipment of multiple items will be combined at checkout to reduce postal charges. Even so, the actual postage charges may be lower, in which case any excess postage costs paid, will be refunded to your credit card or PayPal account after shipment.

All parcels are insured by Hellenic Post for a value of EUR 35.00 at no extra cost. Additional postal insurance is optional at a cost of EUR 2.60 plus 0.5% of the insured value. As an example, for an item insured for EUR 100.00, insurance cost is EUR 3.10. If you want to buy postal insurance to your order, select the product "Postal Insurance", define the amount of coverage required and add it to the cart.

Do not buy postal insurance if the total value of the items ordered exceeds EUR 500.00. Your order will be fully covered by us free of charge with our compliments.

Our shipping expenses are based on the size and weight of the package and include a handling fee of EUR 1.00. Unfortunately, shipping costs are beyond our control and, like in most countries, they are sometimes increased by the postal services to a higher than inflation level. As a matter of principle, we never make a profit from postage and, unless it's only a few cents, we will refund any excess charge collected if we pay less at the time of shipment.

Parcels up to 2kg of weight are sent by letter post. Anything from 2kg up to 20kg has to be sent by parcel post. As parcel post rates are substantially higher, we may select to split your order for multiple items to two smaller parcels, if that allows for lower total shipping expenses. Any such saving will be refunded to you!

Shipping expenses are paid in full by us if the total value of items ordered exceeds EUR 300.00.

Greece is a member of the Universal Postal Union (a United Nations organisation that coordinates postal policies among member nations) since 1 July 1875. Practically, all UN member states are also members of the UPU. UPU member countries have developed a common tracking system for postal objects which is based on a 13-digit unique identifier for letters or parcels. The first two digits define the type of postal service, the last two are the country's ISO code and the 9 digits in the middle are the item's number.

When we ship your order, we always provide the parcel's identifier in the form RE123456789GR to you via email. Most, if not all, countries have a Track and Trace service on their web sites where you can enter the code and get information about your item. Please note that the level of information provided varies with each country. For example, USPS provides information from the moment a parcel enters the country until it's delivered to the recipient, Royal Mail provides information after a parcel is delivered and so on.

For your convenience, we provide links to a few postal services. If you live in one of these countries, click on your postal service provider's logo and track your parcel online. The ΕΛΤΑ (Hellenic Post) site will trace a parcel until it leaves the country. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by these services.

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